The smooth and sweet taste of curds are a delicious accompaniment to any fresh baked scone, muffin or pound cake.  They are delicious on toast, croissants and biscuits.  But don't stop there!  Fill vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with any flavor curd and frost with your favorite icing.  Curds also make any layer cake more special when you fill the center with your favorite flavored curd.  Mix curds with cream cheese and fill tart shells for a special dessert.  Whip cream and add curd to create an enticing dip for pretzels and fruit.  The possibilities are endless!
Curdelicious Key Lime Curd
Curdelicious Key Lime Curd $8.50
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Curdelicious Lemon Curd
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Curdelicious Orange Curd
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Raspberry Curd 11 oz
Raspberry Curd 11 oz $8.50
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